Lost Hand Bag

Hellen Ndunge M’Ngonda (Registration No.: A111/30814/13) from Egerton University, Njoro Campus has misplaced her hand bag containing National ID, School ID, 2 passport photos, Tuskys Reward Card & other personal effects. In case you came or come across them, reach… Continue reading →

Exam Card Lost

Ndunge Naomi Peter of Registration No: EP13/01524/13 lost her Bag, Exam Card & National ID at the Library. In case you’ve spotted any of the items, kindly reach us via: 0713 57 437. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

School Bag

Lost Bag: Carolyne Mokeira Omache of Egerton-Njoro Campus lost her School Bag with Books outside FASS Library at 11am on 2 March 2016. If you find it, inform us via 0713579437.

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