Items Lost & Owners hoping they Find them

Lost Hand Bag

Hellen Ndunge M’Ngonda (Registration No.: A111/30814/13) from Egerton University, Njoro Campus has misplaced her hand bag containing National ID, School ID, 2 passport photos, Tuskys Reward Card & other personal effects. In case you came or come across them, reach… Continue reading →

Lost National ID

I Festus Kiboiwo, from Egerton University, Njoro Campus, have lost my National Identification (ID) Card. ID No.: 33049639. In case you come across it, call me via 0713 579 437. Thank you.

Lost ATM and ID Cards

Kindly help me locate my ID & A.T.M Cards; K.C.B Equity They got lost around Egerton University, Njoro campus. Name: Wornicks Gisemba Omwenga. Contact me via Magazine Reel on: 0713 579 437. Thanks in advance.    

Lost Certificates & Transcripts

I am Robert Ouko, Reg No. E14/04711/11B, a finalist doing a degree in Bachelors of Education Science, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry from Egerton university, Njoro. I have misplaced all my original certificates, including transcripts from Year 1-3 inside a folder… Continue reading →

Lost ATM Card

Brian Odhiambo lost his Co-op ATM within Maasai Mara University Main Campus. If you find it, inform us via 0713 579 437.

School ID Lost

I have lost my School ID. Name: Gloria Rimui, Reg No.: A111/09159/15. If you come across it, contact me via Magazine Reel on: 0713 579 437.Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Exam Card Lost

Ndunge Naomi Peter of Registration No: EP13/01524/13 lost her Bag, Exam Card & National ID at the Library. In case you’ve spotted any of the items, kindly reach us via: 0713 57 437. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Lost Brown Wallet

I, Otieno Clinton Omondi have lost my brown wallet with my School ID, National ID and Equity Bank ATM in case you come across it reach me the through Magazine Reel on: 0713 579 437.

Lost wallet

I, Shadrack Kipngetich have lost a wallet with; my National ID, ATM card & School ID (My Registration Number is: E14/01212/14), In case you find it, reach me via Magazine Reel on: 0713 579 437. I am from Egerton-Njoro University. Thanks in… Continue reading →

Misplaced Spectacles

Please help me (I am Kijedi Wesley a student at Egerton University) trace my spectacles.They got misplaced on 12/04/2016 in the morning in Egerton University. If you find them, reach out to Magazine Reel on: 0713 579 437. Thank you in… Continue reading →

Lost National & School IDs

I am Ogega Charana Enock. Please help find lost ID’s… Students ID Egerton njoro, National ID: 32337814. Contact me via 0713579437 by Whatsapp/Calling.

Lost School & National IDs

Hi, i am Charles Odhiambo Obonyo. I lost my wallet having my national n school Ids. plz if u came across it help me with the ids. Contact me via 0713579437 by whatsapp or calling.

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